Oscar Dining Set (A)
January 8, 2018
SK 8833
August 4, 2017
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LM-EH 4466



Most people would agree with us that a wardrobe is as important as a bed. But yet, wardrobes are often placed at the last in their list. Wardrobes are likely a worthwhile investment that will be around for a good few years, but if wrongly chosen, it will affect layout and impression of the room. Here at Catnap Lair, we are here help. We have a wide range of wardrobes that will complement your room, creating a distinct personality in it. We also offer a free consultation that will help you better decide the wardrobe that suits you the most so save you wasting your hard-earned cash on the wrong ones!



Height: 1879 mm

Width: 1193 mm

Depth: 543 mm


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