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Bell L Sofa

When it comes to purchasing a sofa, you want the best and attractive model. Why settle for an average sofa when you can find not only affordable but high-quality sofas from Catnap Lair? We understand that consumers are looking for style, comfort, durability and we factored these into our products.



Classic and minimalist designed sofa

Perfect addition to your home

Comfortably padded cushions




1-L Seater Length – 830 mm

1-L Seater Width – 1570 mm

1-L Seater Height – 890 mm


2-L Seater Length – 1380 mm

2-L Seater Width – 1000 mm

2-L Seater Height – 890 mm


3-Seater Length – 1920 mm

3-Seater Width – 1000 mm

3-Seater Height – 890 mm

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