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November 14, 2017
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Catnap Soft Furnishing


We are your preferred household furniture gallery. Here at Catnap Lair, we aim to provide families with the best quality and well affordable range of products for every day needs. From comfortable mattresses to sturdy bed frames, we got you covered.

However, we also provide blinds and curtains to accommodate to the privacy of our valued customers, as well as a way to deal with the blazing and scorching sun. Currently, we are having a promotion for our different varieties of blinds and curtains. We import directly from Korea and Malaysia, while also having local made products as well.

Come check us out! We guarantee you will be satisfied by not only our affordable and aesthetic products, but also our friendly service.

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Korea Blinds

Catnap Lair Blinds can be are all direct import from Korea, each individual blinds is pack and ship directly from our Korea factories. Our blinds are categorize into different designs.

Unislats / Smart Curtain


– Offers flexibility and ease of use for easy maintenance and cleaning as they are one individual unit by itself.

-100% polyester fabrics which are specially processed and made to be very light and soft. The fabrics used are also coated with an anti-pollutant protective silicon layer coating to prevent any dirt. The fabrics are also highly washable and wrinkle-free.

-Easily operable with the use of Rod, String or Automatic Motor.

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Unislat + Fully Auto Blinds

Special Packages for new home owners

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Outdoor Blinds / Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are one of our popular window shades. Available in a wide variety of different colors and fabrics, our roller blinds feature diverse light-filtering options for greater flexibility when it comes to light control. Our new Roller Blinds features a new semi-auto mechanism that are perfect for the modern home.

Outdoor and indoor blinds available at special prices

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Semi-Auto Combi Blinds/ Zebra Blinds / Blackout Blinds

Combi blinds are sometimes called rainbow or zebra blinds. Combi blinds allows managing natural light and ventilation in any room with their new dual roller mechanism. The front and back layers of the blind are made closer together which help to increase the blackout effect of the blind when closed. It also reduces the rainbow or zebra effect when the blind is in a full blackout position.

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Wooden Blinds / Venetian Blinds


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